Acton Academy Mesilla Valley (LasCruces), under the umbrella of Acton Academy, is one of the newest and most innovative (and downright coolest) school designs in the world. Each Acton school was founded by parents who believe there is a better way to educate their children and help other like-minded families in their community.

Helping K-12th Grade Students Discover And Grow Their Unique Strengths
Because The World Needs Them.

The School founder requested me to create and design their website with the same attitude and standard they have established to their school.


Acton Academy Mesilla Valley serves as avenue for advanced education. In order to build a website that speaks about the school, I decided to give every visitor a new experience in browsing the website. So, I implemented the ‘Story Telling Method’ to guide them with the use of a step-by-step guide (arrows) to lead them where to engage in. I made sure that it doesn’t have a top menu (like the traditional website is like), for the necessary information can be accessed in the hompeage already.

“If the picture is worth a thousand words, then is a video worth a million?” Putting a video on the homepage gives way for an effective communication between the client and the viewers. In this manner, it is easier and only requires a lesser time for the viewers to grasp the needed information about the school and what they offer. With that, I responded to the client’s request to give an excellent user experience. I always pay attention to every request made by my client/s.

acton video gallery
acton popup

The client wanted to display in the homepage all information about the school and what they offer. Also, the cleint doesn’t want the vistors to leave the homepage and look for additional details to another pages. However in reality, with the bunch of information needed to be placed in the homepage will result to an overcrowded and messy design. Therefore, I made a solution to the request of the client. I decided to design pop-ups that contains more information grouped according to specific categories. In this way, client’s request and excellent user experience have been well-served.

We know that the end point of every website is to make sales or gather leads and provide good user experience. Therefore, I placed a call to action with clear indication that users will highly engage in. So far, based on client’s feedback, everything I implemented were all effective and made a great impact to their business.

Jet, Good morning!   Yes I was very happy with your work and service.  :). You did a great job on our website.  If I need other work done, I will let you know. 

Take care,
Anna resized

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Acton Academy Mesilla Valley