How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Social Media is now a very powerful tool to connecting people in the world. It is also a great market in the internet. That is why most people have their own social media. But as the time goes by, a lot of social media platforms arises (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.). And in that case, we usually log in to every account and compose a new post and that is a very time consuming.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I always look for the best and easiest strategy for my business and for my clients. Now, let me share one of the tools I am using for Social Media Management which is very beneficial for all of us.


Buffer is an intuitive social media management platform trusted by brands, businesses, agencies, and individuals to help drive social media results. A one single tool that will put your multiple social media account into one pouch.

Advantage of Using Buffer

  1. Add all your Social Media Account into one tool. You don’t have to go to every account to engage with your audience.
  2. Post to all of your Social Media account in one go. Saving time from logging in to your social media and composing new post.
  3. Create a different post or blurb in every social media in one tool.
  4. Schedule post ahead of time. You can schedule when to publish your post in a specific date and time.

How to use Buffer?

  1. Go to or just click this link and get started for free.
  2. Register or sign up as a new user.
  3. Add your desired social media accounts and login with your credentials.
  4. Create Post or add photo.
  5. Click the arrow down button beside add to queue and select “Share Now” or Schedule Post.
  6. For Schedule Post, just select the date and time when you want to publish your post.

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